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Studying abroad can be a life altering decision for a student. It is a decision that cannot & should not be taken in haste; a decision that should involve a lot of background research. Planet Education provides students from across India, fantastic opportunities for realizing their dreams of pursuing foreign education. We have sent over 10,000 students to Australia & 2000 to other countries successfully, from across India since our inception. According to a survey, Planet alone commands 60% of the foreign education sector in the western Indian along with strong hold of markets in south, north & central India. Facilitating the process of foreign education for close to 2000 students a year gives us the edge as India's leading company in the foreign education.

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The company operates through its extensive network of offices located 20 cities in India and now one in Colombo, Srilanka. All of our offices have a corporate and trendy look, and are well furnished and are equipped with presentation rooms and independent departments handling counseling, admission Visas and Student support. We represent over 300 reputed education institutions across various countries like Australia, USA, UK, NZ, Canada and Singapore. Our visa success ratio, unmatched expertise in the industry -and- the unrelenting determination to offer the best, sets us apart from the rest in the industry.

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