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Welcome to Study International Education Consult. The 1-Stop centre for all your overseas education option. Our aim is to offer more choices for your educational needs world-wide. Talk to us to find out more or step into our centre to enjoy the personalized attention of our trained counsellors who will ensure that your enquiries are answered promptly and efficiently. At Study International, we take education counselling to a greater level of choice and service to help realize your dreams. STUDY INTERNATIONAL is linked to 120 universities and colleges in 12 countries. We believe that with a good collaboration with reputable institutions worldwide, would greatly assist students in getting a place at a university of choice easily and in a location they want to be. With the aim of assisting students to achieve their dream careers; Study International stresses on professionalism, accuracy, close monitoring, being up-to-date and continuity in the application process.

Agency features

STUDY INTERNATIONAL provides FREE services to interested students on: 1. Information and counselling on institution’s programs, and course fees. Get personalized counseling on wide career options, choosing the right course and the right university. Our counsellors provide a one to one counseling session with individual students and parents to ensure that all the necessary information is provided accurately. 2. Application and ensuring compliance with admission requirements. We provide FREE processing of application to selected universities and comprehensive information is provided on university placement. We constantly update the students with the latest information or changes regarding university entry requirements, terms -and- conditions and procedures on applying to overseas universities. 3. Assisting successful applicants to obtain student visas and other necessary travel arrangements. We assist students with visa application to Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. 4. Providing pre-departure orientation. We organize in-house pre-departure briefings for students going overseas. 5. Coordinating airport pick-up and accommodation arrangements. We also help students with flight booking and on-line application for accommodation as well as help them send over their accommodation packet. 6. Assistance with scholarships. Many of our representation offer scholarships / bursaries to academically outstanding students who apply for admissions via Study International. The awarding of scholarships / bursaries may vary from year to year depending on funding allocations from institutions. Call us to find out more. 7. Organizes seminars, talks, and personal interview sessions. Study International organizes talks / seminars / personal interview sessions by representative of universities to give students a chance to meet and ask your questions personally.

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