10 Australian Slangs Every International Student Should Know

18/05/2017 - Student Life


10 Australian Slangs Every International Student Should Know

G’ day! D’ya know any Aussie slangs, mate? Australian English is more than just an accent. Aussies love using shortened terms in daily conversations. Not enough knowledge of the Aussie slangs may get you to an awkward situation. Ready to soak in the cultural pool and explore English in a complete new way? Let’s dive in!


1. Arvo

This is the short form of “afternoon”.

See ya this arvo!


2. Barbie


Thinking of Barbie and Ken? “Barbie” is actually an abbreviation of “barbecue”. Barbie is also one of the favourite pastimes of Aussies at weekends.

Shall we barbie this Saturday?


3. Brekkie

This is an abbreviation of “breakfast”.

I usually have avocado toast for brekkie.


4. G’day

It is short for “good day”, meaning “hello”. It is a greeting that you can commonly found in the conversation.

G’day mate! How’re you doing today?


5. Heaps

It means “a lot” and “lots of”.

Thanks heaps for your help!


6. Maccas

Maccas is short for McDonald’s. Who doesn’t love Maccas? Two syllables are much easier, right?

Let’s get Maccas for dinner!


7. Reckon

This is an unique Australian word which means “think”.

I reckon this assignment is the most challenging one.


8. Shout

Ok, you should be happy when your Aussie friend says “it’s my shout mate”. That means you don’t need to pay!

Shout me next time.


9. Straya

Let’s say “Australia” really fast. It should be sound like “Straaayah”.

Welcome to Straya!


10. Thongs

Don’t get mad when your Aussie friend asks you to wear thongs to the beach. I know this is a bit unbelievable. In fact, thongs are short for flip flops, aka the most popular footwear in Australia in summertime!

Don’t forget your thongs to the beach!

Ok, I understand it may take some time to digest these funny and interesting slangs. No worries, practice makes perfect! With these awesome slangs, you can now impress your Aussie friends and get through day to life.

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