Student's Sharing: Rebecca's Job Seeking Experience

22/11/2017 - Student Life


Student's Sharing: Rebecca's Job Seeking Experience

1. What are you studying?

I’m Rebecca. I’m studying Master of Public Relations and Advertising at UNSW.


2. What are you working?

I’m working as a journalism and digital marketing intern. This job was advertised at UNSW’s career portal. I am responsible to manage several social media platforms. I’m grateful to get involved in the editing of an e-book. It is probably one of the breakthroughs I have had throughout the internship. I’m blessed to have a boss who has trust in me so that I can have freedom of writing different kinds of social media articles.


3. Which platforms did you search for internships?

I search for jobs at and Mumbrella. The job listings on Mumbrella mainly focuses on marketing and media jobs. I also highly recommend the university’s career portal.


4. Do you have any difficulties in seeking an internship?

I would not say difficulties. I did felt frustrated at a point when I could not get any responses after sending out almost 20 applications. But I have faith and I believe I can get an internship if I keep trying.


When I applied for different internships, I felt like my resume and cover letters were not professional enough. I was a bit confused about the definition of a good resume and a good cover letter. Therefore, I spent quite a lot of time on editing my resume and cover letters.


5. What advices or tips would you give to job seekers?

Bear in mind that HR managers need to scan a stack of resumes a day. It is important to make your resume concise and impressive. To avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes, it is essential to proofread your resume over and over again. There are some good and free platforms to proofread, or you may also ask for help from your friends!


Most of the internships offer low wages or are even unpaid. However, don’t take the wages as the first priority. It is important to gain some working experiences first so that you can have a higher bargaining power in the future!


Most importantly, don’t give up. Don’t be frustrated if you could not get any responses after sending out a number of resumes. Just keep trying until you get a job!


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