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Information Planet began in 1996 in Sydney, Australia, as 'Information Brazil', when Mauricio Pucci started a small and innovative business 'helping' Brazilian friends to study, work and travel around Australia (just as he had done). Same time in 1996 - Josef Kysilka started similar agency in Czech Republic and also in Sydney city centre, helping European clients to study in Australia. In 2004, they established the Australian Education Centre (AEC) in a new office in the heart of Sydney CBD, which would later become the head office of Information Planet. After 12 years building a strong reputation in Latin America, Europe and Australia, and having helped more than 12 thousand students, AEC was then 're-launched' and changed its name to Information Planet in July 2008.

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By the end of 2010 the company, which now incorporated an independent travel agency (Information Planet Travel), had more than 28 offices around the globe and was already selling many other destinations to students, such as New Zealand, Canada, USA, England, Denmark, etc.

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