Do I need a visa to study in Australia?

A requirement to study in Australia is a student visa.  You must complete a visa application form, lodge it with the evidence required, pay the application charge and satisfy the student visa requirements. A student visa is granted only if you intend to study a registered course on a full-time basis. There are other conditions you need to comply after you have entered Australia.

An Education Agent is well experienced and able to assist you with your visa application.

What exactly are the Visa and Immigration requirements?

You will need a valid Australian visa if you are not a citizen of Australia and wish to enter and spend time in Australia.

An education agent or other registered agents can help with visa and immigration issues. You will need to obtain your visa prior to your arrival.

While New Zealanders can obtain a visa upon arrival, Australian visas can also be obtained online with the Electronic Travel Authority, (ETA) which is available to citizens from 34 countries.

What is the length of my Student Visa?

Your Student Visa is valid for the length of your study in Australia. In most cases you are permitted to arrive in Australia 28 days before your course officially begins. Generally you are permitted to stay in Australia no longer than 28 days once your course is completed.

Do I have to complete my studies within a certain timeframe?
Your student visa is valid for the expected duration of your study in Australia. You are expected to complete your studies within this duration.

Can I extend my student visa in Australia? 
Yes. You can apply to extend your student visa if you have not completed your studies within the expected duration.

What if I finish my studies early? 
Generally you must leave Australia within 28 working days. If you wish to extend your stay in Australia you must apply and gain approval from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

Can I change my program of study after I have arrived in Australia?
You will need to obtain the relevant permission from your university. If you change qualifications you may also need to change your visa by submitting a new student visa application.

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