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Education Agents


Education Agents

An education agent can help with the admission application process and/or the Australia visa application process.

The education agent can give advice or suggestion about your options for studying and living in Australia and assist with your visa and institution applications.

Because they deal every day with course and visa application requirements, they will be able to give you first hand advice for your particular situation.

Tips for choosing an agent:

    • Under Australian Government law, every Australian education institution needs to have a contract with the education agent.
    • Usually, institutions appoint more than one education agent in a country. Thus collect and compare information from more than one agent.
    • Under Australian Government law, every Australian education institution has to list on their website every education agent it has appointed.
    • Choose an agent with substantial experience helping students study in Australia – they will have relevant knowledge of the Australian education system, visas and life in Australia.
    • Make sure that the agent is an authorised representative of the institution that you want to apply to. Ask to see their letter of appointment from the institutions.
    • Always ask about any fees that may be charged for using their services.
    • Have a third party or friend help you understand the documents before you sign any documents.
    • An education agents cannot guarantee a permanent visa or work placement in Australia after you graduate. Their job is to help with applications only. A reputable agent will be honest about the application process.

For migration advice, it is important to use a migration agent who is registered in Australia. Some Registered Migration Agents are located overseas or have representatives in international markets. If an education agent is based in Australia, it is against the law for them to provide you with migration advice, unless they are also a Registered Migration Agent.

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