I am at school

I am at school


I am at school

You know the field you would like to study

If you are currently completing or have completed at least your O-level or the equivalent of Year 10 in Australia and already have an idea of the field that you would like to study, then you may want to choose the Foundation Program path to the course of your choice.

Foundation Program: A Fast-track Pathway to Top Universities. Guaranteed.

Foundation Program is designed to lead to acceptance onto a degree course at university. A typical foundation year consist of a three-term course that provides a direct route to a university place. You could graduate to university in just one year if you successfully complete the program.

Who is eligible?

O-level graduate

For O level students, you are advised to apply with your O level result so that you could join the foundation year program in the September intake and graduate to university in the next year.

Secondary School students

Current secondary school students could use O level Preliminary Results to apply in July-September window so that you would be able to start foundation program in Jan the next year. 

A-level graduate

If your grades are not sufficient to enter the course of your choice, then the Foundation Program may be a viable option for you. 

 Benefits of the Foundation Program?

Focus on subjects that are relevant

Foundation course consists of core academic modules and a choice of different subject routes. Each course is designed to focus on the academic areas most useful to your future course.

Focus on related subjects

These routes lead directly to a range of specific degree courses in related disciplines. The Law foundation program prepares you for law degrees, Business foundation program for business degrees, Science foundation program for science degrees and etc. You will focus on your chosen degree and do not need to study subjects which are unrelated to it.

Allocation of Provisional Place

An attractive feature of Foundation Studies is that a university allocates a provisional place in an undergraduate program provided you achieve the required grades. 

Small Classes

Foundation Year students attend university style lectures and tutorials but in a small class setting – usually 15 to 20 students. So you benefit from the frequent contact with teaching staff.

Individual Attentions

Small classes allow staff members to better monitor every student’s progress and provide regular feedback throughout the year.

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